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Postgraduate Programme



The Master Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management combines a university teaching approach with a professional edge, whose aim is to train operational and higher managers in the field of hospitality with a wide range of equipment and facilities pertaining to international companies.

This programme prepares students for specialised executive and managerial positions in hotels and tourism companies. The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in hotel and restaurant management. Course work is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.

The programme enables students to develop and cultivate managerial competencies such as analytical and organisational skills in addition to nurturing their ability to anticipate and decide rapidly and precisely on matters and situations that arise in all areas of the hotel management sector.


Master's Degree in international Hotel Management
Foundation year* Academic Semester



  • Operational Internship in Thailand

  • Duration: 4/5 months

Management 4

(60 crédits ECTS)
Academic Semester



  • Management training in Thailand or abroad

  • Duration: 5/6 months

Management 5

(60 crédits ECTS)
Academic Semester


Admission :

  • Foundation Year: Bachelor degree in any major
  • Management year 4: Undergraduate studies in Hotel Management subject to acceptance
    English proficiency:TOEFL 550 (213 PC/80 IBT) or IELTS 5.5 (Academic)
  • Cover Letter written in English

Length of the program:

  • 1 and 1/2 years for students with undergraduate studies in Hotel Management (2 Academic periods and 1 paid Internship)
  • 2 and 1/2 years for BA in any major (3 Academic periods and 2 paid Internships)


  • Master's Degree in International Hotel Management/Directeur d'Hôtellerie internationale Academic Standard I degree registered at the National List of Certification by Ministerial Order, published in “Le Journal Officiel” of the French Republic.

Certifications recognized

 European or International Certification

  • Master de Management du Tourisme, spécialité hôtellerie internationale
  • Gestionnaire en hôtellerie internationale
  • Management des entreprises d’hôtellerie et de restauration
  • Master professionnel
  • Master degree in International Hotel Management
  • European MBA in International Hote

Objective of the program:

  • Acquiring analyses and decision making methods, as well as the practical application of management.
  • Opening to the world of business in general and developing the qualities of an entrepreneur, particularly in tourism and international hospitality.



Programme Prépa

Foundation year programme

Whichever sector the student previously studied, the student encounters field training and operational management in hospitality and tourism. They conclude the year with an internship carried out in France.

- Learning the vocabulary and basic concepts.
- Establishing the relation between different subjects.
- Moving from an accounting decision to a managerial one.

- Learning the marketing of services, direct marketing and Yield Management.

Human Resources
- Getting introduced to, and understanding the importance of the methods of Human Resource management in the hospitality industry.

Tourism Economics
- Highlighting the relation between the hospitality and tourism sector and the possibility of incorporating them in major groups, officiating more in both areas.

English I
- Moving from school level English, to a professional standard.

- Discovering the hospitality industry.
- Acquiring communication skills from the base and the professional vocabulary.

Nutrition & Wines
- Establishing the alimentary security standards in the hospitality business and conducting sensory analyses.

Professional Culture
- Understanding the past to anticipate for future needs.
- Arousing curiosity and learning to use the trade press and general media.

Look & Behaviour
- Acquiring the appropriate image, being aware of one’s self, having self confidence to enhance this image.
- Asserting one’s self, while respecting the other.

- Learning the basics of negotiation and preparing one’s self to negotiating agreements at different levels in the enterprise.

Intercultural Management
- Opening up to diverse cultures and understanding them.
- Understanding the different forms of management in the world.
- Learning how to manage multicultural teams.

F&B /Hotel Environment
- Gaining general knowledge about the hospitality industry.

Information Technology I
- An introduction to the use of the internet and the search for information in a business.
- Discover the Office tools applied in hotel management.

Professional Application
- Mastering the techniques of hotel and restaurant management, and the culinary arts.




Programme Management 4

Management Year 4 Programme

The student acquires bit by bit the analytical and decision making methods of the management practice, and concludes the year with an internship in the business.

Management and Financial Accounting
- Understanding the tools of strategic decision making, and the various management styles.

- Learning direct marketing, organization of a business service, and yield management.

Business and Hospitality Law
- Learning the respective laws in business or hotel activity undertaken by an enterprise.

Information Technology
- Mastering the necessary software used in the Marketing department, Finance and Human Resource management.

Human Resource Management
- Know the organization chart in the hospitality sector, the definition of their functions, the personnel budget, the lives of the staff in the enterprise.

Enterprise Strategy
- Understand the changes in reality and be capable of defining the strategies adapted to the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise.

Hospitality Strategy
- Discover tourist destinations outside Europe and emphasize on the spirit of these geopolitical and socio-cultural destination including history, traditions, religion, art and lifestyle.

Tourism Economics
- Studying the principles of economics of the market, and more specifically the tourism industry.

- Mastering communication in French.


Programme Management 5

Management Year 5 Programme

For each subject studied, the student first reviews the broad strategic rules, and then studies a specific case of it’s application in large enterprises. Finally, he/she has the objective of applying these cases to the management of a hotel enterprise.

- The structure of management and the corporate governance, management by costs: The measure of performance of the centre of responsibility. The Uniform System and its application as a part of monitoring tools, strategic analysis, the strategic and operational plan. The budget system and growth strategies.
- The achievement of management in an international hotel environment, using the tools of performance control, managing budgets and powering the enterprise.

Financial Strategies
- The analysis of financial strategies, investment management, the development of a structure or a group. The return on investments and the different ratios. The development by investment and acquisition.
- The application of finance to the service of the development of hotel groups or studies, by the bias of the analyses of investment management, the returns, the ratios and international financing.

- The diversity of the domains for application of marketing. The Marketing Mix. Le marketing face towards new challenges. The marketing plan and its use in terms of strategy. Yield management specifically in hospitality and tourism.
- In the setting of a marketing department of a hotel or a group, the application of the marketing mix, the strategic plan, the competition study, the market study and the approach of the issuing country.

Human Resource management
- The mission of Human Resources as a part of business strategy and of the group. The recruitment policies and those of introduction and training. Performance evaluation, the piloting of the staffing strategy, compensation and cultural diversity and the audit.
- Illustration of strategies and policies of the HR embodied in the comprehensive study of the tools of desktop management, recruitment, training and the challenges and difficulties encountered in the process.

Start Up Business
- Definition of the General policy of Business and the challenges faced by organizations. The strategic approach: the overall pattern.
- Diagnostics: External diagnostics: The environment – Internal diagnostics: The institution – Synthesis of these diagnostics: Positioning of the enterprise – The various strategic alternatives – Putting strategies into practice – Strategic management.

Vatel International Business Game
- Contest: A simulation in English for M5 students from all Vatel schools.
- Each year, the best group is declared "Vatel Dream Team of the year".

Research and Thesis



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