Undergraduate studies

Bachelor Vatel
International Hotel Management

Manager en Hôtellerie internationale

(Academic Standard II degree registered at the National List of Certification by Ministerial Order, published in “Le Journal Officiel” of the French Republic)

 Certifications recognized

 European or International Certification

• "Licence" de Management hôtelier
• "Licence professionnelle"
• Bachelor degree in International Hotel Management - Manager en Hôtellerie internationale

Degrees prepared:

Bachelor Vatel - International Hotel Management
Manager en Hôtellerie internationale
State level II degree registered in the National Repertory of Professional Certifications by the April 5, 2012 by-law set forth by the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health and published in the French Republic Official Journal on April 14, 2012. Read more

Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management
A 4 year Double Degree programme with Silpakorn University International College

Study Plan 

Year 1
Year 2
Basic Computer Science
Principles of Marketing
Basic Accounting
Business Finance
Organisation and Management
Basic Economics
Hospitality Industry Environment
Food & Beverage Management
Language Courses
English for Hotel Business
Social Science and Humanities Course
Human Resources Management
Mathematics and Statistics
Cross Cultural Management
Professional Culture and Current Events
English for Hotel Business 2
Service Psychology
Social Science and Humanities course
Language Course
Language Course
Social Science and Humanities Courses
Professional Applications
Elective Course
Internship (400 hours)
Professional Applications

Internship (400 hours)

Year 3
Year 4
Operations Management
Applied Research in Hospitality and Tourism
Hotel Business Marketing
English for Hospitality
IT for Hotel Management
Hotel Business Planning
English for Business Communication
Elective courses x 3
International Tourism Economy
Professional Internship (960 hours)
Practical Managerial Applications

Elective Course

International Cuisine

Hotel Business Law

Managing Cost Control

English for Cross Culture Communication

International Internship (800 hours)


Please note scheduling of courses may change in each academic year.


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