Vatel International Business Game: what else?

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Vatel International Business Game: what else?

The highlight of the last and 5th year, the Vatel International Business Game is a serious virtual business management game that all Vatel students in the world participate in.

Adrenaline rush guaranteed for all teams competing, which have to make the best commercial, financial, technical and human resource decisions, and then be accountable for them! For three days, students see the rankings change moment by moment, as well as the impact of any of the mistakes they could have made. Up until the very end, everything can change and rankings can be inversed. When the game is over, the winning team, with the highest number of points, is declared to be the “Vatel Dream Team.” 

The game is now over and the “WANDERLUST” Vatel Mauritius team came in first place in this year’s game. Congratulations to Henri DE CHAZAL, Loic DE ROBILLARD, Milena JAEN, Marie-Caroline LEGROS, Paul Olivier LINOT, Adrien MONTOCCHIO, Anthony ROBERT et Laura VIGUIER.

Vatel Nimes’ “INFINITE” and “HYDRA” teams came in second and third.

Next game, beginning of 2015. 

Accepting Applications for January and August 2019
Accepting Applications for January and August 2019

Applications for January 2019

Vatel Bangkok will be accepting applications for our Winter intake in January 2019 from:

15th October - 16th November 2018 by mail

15th October - 20th November 2018 in person

Please contact us for further information and application procedure with Silpakorn University International College

Applications for August 2019

For applications starting in August 2019, please contact us directly for further information at or visit SUIC's website


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