A 2016 International Convention filled with symbols

35 years old, 35 Campuses and the 10th Convention which took place in the new Vatel Bordeaux facilities, the Group’s first franchised School.

A 2016 International Convention filled with symbols

School Directors, Corporate members and Vatel alumni Ambassadors came from all over the globe for their annual meeting, in the 10th International Convention held at the Vatel Bordeaux Hotel, with the aim of reflecting, together, on key actions they would like to implement in the upcoming years.

The Vatel Bordeaux Hotel, which opened on April 21, 2016, was the site, where for four days, there were:

  • debates on ideas,
  • workshops concerning educational programs, 
  • external speakers on quality measurement tools.

A new practical application exercise in real conditions for Vatel Bordeaux students, who hosted the 100 participants in their new School, and allowed them to discover the new facilities for their hands-on professional initiation experiences

These include:

  • A four-star hotel located right in the heart of the city;
  •  A bistrot featuring fresh products and promoting local artists
  • A brasserie where wines and dishes from all over the world are served;
  • Reception rooms and classrooms which all enjoy the very latest technological developments.

Present throughout the entire event, Vatel School Directors for Schools soon to be opened in Abidjan, Andorra, Dakar, Kuala Lumpur, London and Montenegro, were warmly welcomed by their peers. 

Vatel Group International Convention 2016

Accepting Applications for January and August 2019
Accepting Applications for January and August 2019

Applications for January 2019

Vatel Bangkok will be accepting applications for our Winter intake in January 2019 from:

15th October - 16th November 2018 by mail

15th October - 20th November 2018 in person

Please contact us for further information and application procedure with Silpakorn University International College

Applications for August 2019

For applications starting in August 2019, please contact us directly for further information at or visit SUIC's website


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