Vatel supports the Malginf humanitarian project

The same international spirit that students have Vatel and 4 students in nursing undertake a humanitarian project in Madagascar.

Vatel supports the Malginf humanitarian project

Think about four friends, all students in nursing at the Saint Joseph St Luc IFSI in Lyon who decide to turn their 5-week internship from February to March 2017 into a true humanitarian project on the other side of the world.

This idea materialized little by little with the choice of Madagascar as a destination and the Saint Marie Hospital and the Zazakely orphanage for their missions.  

The willingness and energy were there. However, they still had to be able to fund this project, which linked both solidarity with a great learning experience.

Now, try to imagine a man, sitting in the Vatel Group President’s office, opening his paper and reading an article about these four young students.

Alain Sebban, touched by this initiative as well as the destination, as he himself also opened a School in Madagascar, contacted the nursing students to tell them he’d support them.

This is the very beginning of a great association and the promise of fantastic stories that Lea, Elodie, Jeanne and Noemie- the 4 Malginf will be telling us as this adventure unfolds.

Accepting Applications for January and August 2019
Accepting Applications for January and August 2019

Applications for January 2019

Vatel Bangkok will be accepting applications for our Winter intake in January 2019 from:

15th October - 16th November 2018 by mail

15th October - 20th November 2018 in person

Please contact us for further information and application procedure with Silpakorn University International College

Applications for August 2019

For applications starting in August 2019, please contact us directly for further information at or visit SUIC's website


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