My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: an internship in a five-star hotel in Danang

Roxane Hamel, a Vatel Ho Chi Mihn second year student, takes advantage of her year abroad to do her internship in one of the most beautiful resorts in the country.

My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: an internship in a five-star hotel in Danang

“As soon as I arrived in Asia, I met with the Vatel Ho Chi Mihn internship department director to tell him that I wanted to do my internship in another Vietnamese city.

I wanted to go into the center of the country, as it’s really different from the south, where the campus is located and the north, which I had already planned to visit.

Mr. Ha spoke to me about the Danang InterContinental, a magnificent resort in the middle of the country, in the Sun Tra Peninsula mountain range.

He contacted them and set up an interview using Skype with the Restaurant Manager, who was convinced by my personality, my French nationality and I have to say, by the name of Vatel on my resume.

So here’s what I did on a daily basis:

  • 6:00 - I went to the restaurant for the breakfast service
  • 11:00 - A meeting with the hotel’s executives to talk about problems we had during the day and points to be improved
  • 12:00 - I supervised the lunch service
  • 3:00 - I worked in the F&B department’s offices in analysis and recommendations

The subjects my manager asked me to look into and research:

  • redoing the wine list,
  • studying and ordering new uniforms for those working in the restaurant,
  • analyzing and updating the order taking software.

Whether it was this internship or the months I spent at Vatel Ho Chi Minh City, I can assure you that this experience really changed my life.

Today I’m much more thoughtful and able to step back for an overall look when decision-making.

I’m also much more open to others and more optimistic when things aren’t going smoothly. I made more friends and professional contacts in just a year than in my whole life before.

And thanks to social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, I know that we’ll stay in touch.”


Roxane Hamel in Vatel VietNam

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