Green Project at Vatel Café and Restaurant

Environmental awareness at the school in Thailand

Green Project at Vatel Café and Restaurant

Vatel International Business School in Thailand is very concerned about the state of our environment and therefore we have created an ecological green project at our practical training Restaurant and Café to help reduce the amount of waste and plastic on our beloved Earth.  All staff and students were shocked to hear the recent news about the Whale that died due to eating a lot of Plastic off the coast of Thailand. Whilst unfortunately this is too little too late to help this sad case, we believe in protecting our environment and educating our students to ‘do the right thing’ for the future benefit of all generations.  
Firstly, our students separate garbage into two bins for recycling and general waste. Secondly, for aluminum items, like bottle caps, we collect them in order to donate them to a charitable organisation that makes Prostheses (an artificial device that replaces a missing body part).
Thirdly, we used to always give drinking straws to our customers, but this just created a lot of plastic trash per day that was unrecyclable. Therefore students will now always ask a customer first if they require one before giving any. Normally we serve soft drinks in a glass, so using a straw should not be necessary for most drinks and we hope this action will help customers question whether or not they really need one.
The last big step of ‘Green Thinking’ for our application restaurant and cafe is to change from serving water in plastic bottles to glass water bottles. There perhaps might be an increased risk of breaking glass bottles, but it will just mean that there needs to be more care in our service. The empty glass bottles are then collected afterwards by a company and recycled.
For this action of our School, we hope that we will be able to help protect our precious world a little bit more.  We know that there is still a lot more to do, but every little bit helps, and it starts with our education. By starting this initiative, students will learn to be more concerned about our society and environment, because the future of our World is in their hands.   

Please contact us: Tel: 02 639 7531 – 33 Mob: 061 531 5151 Line id: vatelbkk
72 CAT Telecom Bldg, Charoen Krung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Accepting Admissions for January 2019 (Winter intake)

Accepting Admissions for January 2019 (Winter intake)

Vatel Bangkok will be accepting applications for our Winter intake in January 2019 from:

15th October - 13th November 2018 by mail

15th October - 16th November 2018 in person

Please contact us for further information and application procedure with Silpakorn University International College

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