International Student Interview

Let's meet Jean Baptiste Henri Halary, an international student studying at Vatel in Thailand.

International Student Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Jean Baptiste Henri Halary, I am 21 years old and a 2nd year Vatel student in Thailand. I was born in France and grew up there, but I am actually half French and half Chilean, so I have dual nationality. I love traveling to discover new countries and cultures.

Why did you choose to study at Vatel Thailand?

Firstly, I was interested in studying abroad. I was an exchange student 4 years ago with Rotary Exchange Program in Thailand and I really enjoyed it. This is my second time in Thailand, I really like the people, culture and food. To me, it is very interesting to be part of Vatel Thailand and I wanted to study on an English program in order to open myself to the world. Vatel Thailand, therefore, was the best option for me.

Please tell us about the benefits of studying at SUIC/Vatel:

There are many benefits to study on a professional English program and I have also improved my skills in Hotel operations and knowledge of management. So far, everything has been great, the teachers are good, I am having a nice time studying here and it has already given me a lot of useful industry contacts. I feel more confident, responsible, independent and grown up as I have to live here alone and study by myself. In addition, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world so there are lots of different tourists here and hotels to choose internships at. For these many reasons, studying Hospitality Management at SUIC/Vatel is the best choice. 

Please tell us about your life and studying in Thailand?

About my life in Thailand, living here is cheaper than in France. The apartment, food and transportation fees in France cost much more than living here. For example, I have a comfortable condo which is not expensive and close to the university in central Bangkok. Additionally, I have great fun living here as I have made a lot of nice Thai friends. If I need anything, they will always be there for me. I do like spicy food although sometimes it can be a little bit too spicy for me.

Please give some recommendations to people who are interested in studying Hotel Management.

For people already living in Thailand and Thai people, I definitely recommend them to come and study here. It is a good opportunity for them to study on an English program so as to improve their English skills. For me, the hospitality management is a way of living; you can learn how to be more confident about yourself, how to manage people and staff. It is also a great work and life opportunity. Vatel is one of the best hospitality schools in the world with a wide network of schools, so you not only make contacts in Thailand but also from all around the world. My friends and teachers are very supportive and always willing to help me. 

For International students, it might be a little more difficult for them, as you need to be able to adapt culturally and have an open mind living in a different country. You have to come and live here by yourself and leave your family and everything behind. However, I believe it is necessary to do this for your future career and development, as it will make you grow up quicker, have more responsibility and provide international learning experiences that you cannot obtain by staying in your home country.I would also like to add that Thailand is a fantastic place to live and it is very safe.Therefore it is a challenge worth having, and I have certainly benefitted a great deal from my experiences so far and would highly recommend it to others. 

Accepting Applications now

Accepting Applications now

Vatel Thailand and SIlpakorn University International College are accepting applications from 15th October - 11th January 2019 for the new academic year in August 2019.

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