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Marco Polo Students in Thailand - Vatel

Marco Polo Students in Thailand

6 Marco Polo students from various Vatel schools are spending the year studying in Thailand


Students from various Vatel Schools and countries have joined our 3rd year BBA Hotel Management students to study this academic year. Mathilde (France), Theo (France), Valentine (Switzerland), Romane (France), Jade (Canada) and Patricia (Philippines) all spent the first semester getting used to their new surroundings and culture. This is all part of the award-winning Marco Polo student exchange program which allows Vatel students to spend part of their studies in another Vatel school.

Here is what they had to say about their local experience in Thailand so far: 

Jade (Vatel Nimes) -  

I always like to experience culture in other countries and meet new people. In Thailand, we travel and eat a lot of Thai food. I like anything spicy. The papaya salad is my favourite. I’m particularly impressed by Phi Phi Island. I had never seen such crystal clear blue water until I went there.

As an exchange student, you need to come with an open mind and be ready for challenges. The experiences that you earn will help you grow as a person.

Mathilde (Vatel Brussels) - 

I decided to come to Thailand for a new experience. I had the opportunity to discover Bangkok, and check out touristic spots. I also have had the chance to discover the different regions of Thailand. For example, I went to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, with its stunning mountain views and took an elephant tour.

 I love the landscape and also the way of life of Thai people. In parts of Thailand, there is still a simple way of life and people seem to enjoy every part of it, which is very different from my country.

I am really lucky to be here to study. This is also a good opportunity to discover a new culture and also a new country.

Theo (Vatel Nimes) - 

 I think it is a good opportunity to learn a new culture and style of hospitality. I have been to many places around Bangkok. I really like Ayuthaya. It is a very beautiful city with a rich history. The temples are very beautiful and are completely different from our churches.

Being an exchange student in Thailand is a really good opportunity to learn a new hospitality culture, as well as a chance to travel around a little.

Patricia (Manila) -

I am here because I had always wanted to be an exchange student. I want to see what else I can do outside of my comfort zone.

Here I study hospitality and management and interestingly we also learn about cooking. I found this quite challenging to start with, but it has helped me to become more well-rounded compared to when I was in the Philippines.

Since I am the only exchange student in my class. All my classmates have actually become my friends. I go out with them from time to time and we have been to many different places. Thai people are actually very nice, sometimes language can be a barrier but Thai people always trying to help us like when we are lost.

I like the culture and tradition. I am really into culture, so that’s why I came to Thailand. I think Thailand has a really rich culture. When I am here, I see a culture that is different from the Philippines

 Valentine (Vatel Martigny) - 

I decided to come to Thailand because I wanted to learn in another country and also its culture.

Being an exchange student is a really good experience. If you have a chance to do it, do it right away. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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